War Room's community offers a space where you can multiply the size and value of your business. Members stay connected with 150+ successful business owners seeking to work together to increase profits. Join a tribe with the brightest professionals in the world to learn and accelerate your growth.

You can be part of the community by paying a yearly fee of $30,000 and start your journey towards success. Membership includes invitations to exclusive retreats located in 5 stars resorts along with new networking opportunities.

Join to be part of a tribe of entrepreneurs engaging to find solutions to the group's struggles and challenges. Through in-person and virtual meetings, you'll learn top industry strategies in a collaborative space.

Build strong relationships with the right people and work on your wellness to unlock your full potential. Learn conversion strategies to take your business to the next level supported by industry titans and possible partners.



  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Founders:

    Roland Fraiser, Ryan Deiss, Richard Lindner, Perry Belcher

  • Amount of members: 200
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Generate more high-converting leads customers:
Take advantage of the War Room's library with hundreds of traffic strategies. Learn from more than 150 different businesses sharing their most used strategies.

Learn new conversion strategies in a full-time split-testing team and discover how to turn your traffic into long-lasting customers.

Build strategic relationships:
Join a network with hundreds of entrepreneurs who own businesses earning 7, 8, 9, and even 10 figures per year. Strengthen connections with people who are on the same page to get inspired and discover new solutions.

Share your advice and insights with dozens of professionals to identify what's working right now. Create new relationships and partnerships to connect with people like you in a supportive group of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing experts.

Resources and templates:
Access the best tools for team management, building a company culture, creating SOPs, and more. Learn how to free yourself by automating everyday tasks. Systematize customer management, referral programs, onboarding processes, and more.

Exit strategies:
Increase your company value to sell it for the maximum price possible with the best tools and expert support. Access proven strategies to boost customer retention rate and reposition your business to find the best investor.

  • Yearly Cost


The community is for owners and top-level executives of established businesses as well as for founders of funded startups. It's not open for business on the idea stage.



Members attend meetings in the best resorts in the world. It's a space to immerse in a community of like-minded people without worrying about the business agenda. Each quarter you'll be invited to participate in gatherings in 5 stars resort environment to work on yourself.

You can be part of the War Room to connect with future partners and collaborators in small groups of members. Track your progress and stay accountable celebrating your triumphs with the group.

The 12-month membership includes 3 live meetings to focus on time strategies and work without distractions. During these events, they join in mastermind sessions to share industry tactics and strategies.

Learning Events

They have virtual intensive trainings to work on your specific schedule throughout the year. You can attend with your employees to keep up with the last marketing insights and strengthen your leadership.

Networking Events

They offer networking spaces to stay in touch with the right people. Join hundreds of successful professionals to create bondings with people chasing similar goals.

You can stay connected in a Facebook group to share your tools and deepen the relationship with your fellows.

They have a diverse community of people in all stages of success, where you can found support and guidance. Access the most elite and powerful network of business people, and claim your spot in the members' directory to expand your reach.

Content Library

Meetings and training sessions are recorded and added to a members-only library. You can visit it to keep learning from hand-outs, workbooks, and Q&A sessions. Members have access to the War Room's library with a collection of proven methods used by 150+ companies.

You can also use the operations templates + tools library to manage your business easily. With more than 6 years of content shared, you can learn new approaches from past events to implement them in your work.


"Since I joined War Room, I can point to two specific relationships that added at least $480,000 to our bottom line. If you talk about return on investment, it’s pretty easy." -Todd Herman

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