WritingPrompts is one of the largest Reddit writing prompts communities. It has over 15 million members worldwide and a Discord server.

The WritingPrompts subreddit it's an awesome place to find inspiration and new ideas to write. With millions of members from all over the world, lots of new prompts appear every day. Also, the community has several flairs to categorize different types of writing prompts' posts. You can filter all posts by the flair you are most interested in to find the perfect prompt to start practicing.

Additionally, the WritingPrompts subreddit it's great to meet like-minded writers. You can make new friends who share your passion for writing. But it's easier to make friends in the community's Discord server since it has fewer members than the subreddit. Inside Discord, you can chat in real-time with others and have more private conversations, thus favoring connection.

Moreover, this Reddit writing prompts community has a different weekly thread every day of the week. These regular threads maintain things interesting and unite the community. There are threads to write topic-based stories, to discuss a specific writing topic, to collaborate with others, to introduce yourself or self-promote, etc.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Founders:

    Ryan Andrew Kinder

  • Amount of members: 15,772,800
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a lively community of writers:
WritingPrompts has over 15 million members worldwide. By joining, you will be able to find like-minded writers and make new friends who share your passion for writing. Members are also constantly exchanging writing tips and advice.

Find inspiration to write:
This Reddit writing prompts community has a lot of different flairs members can use to categorize their writing prompts. It's easy for you to filter content by flair and find the perfect writing prompt to start practicing.

Participate in weekly threads:
WritingPrompts has a different thread for every day of the week. These threads are where members self-promote, learn a specific topic, discuss some aspect of writing, create theme-based stories, or collaborate with each other.



No requirements.



If you are looking for Reddit writing prompts to improve your writing, you are in the right place. The subreddit WritingPrompts it's the go-to place for writers to find ideas for their next story. The community has a special thread every day of the week:

  • Smash 'Em Up Sunday: Those who write a story using the highest amount possible of different, set constraints get more points.
  • Monday Spotlight: This thread is dedicated to showcasing the writing of less-known writers in the sub.
  • Talking Tuesday: Every month, the community picks a topic to work on and grow as writers in this thread.
  • Wednesday Wildcard: There is a different activity every Wednesday on this thread.
  • Thursday Theme: On Thursdays, the community writes a story (less than 500 words) that matches that specific week's theme.
  • Follow Me Friday: A thread to find other writers in the community to collaborate and write stories together.
              • Saturday SatChat: This is the place to introduce yourself, self-promote, and generally discuss the week's topic.

Networking Events

Members of the WritingPrompts community interact in Reddit. It's a very active community where you will be able to meet like-minded writers and find others to collaborate with. Additionally, it's a great source of information about writing in general, and members are constantly exchanging tips and advice. This Reddit writing prompts community has a different thread for every day of the week and several flairs, keeping members engaged and posts interesting.

Besides Reddit, WritingPrompts also has a Discord server where you can chat in real-time. Inside, you will be able to develop deeper relationships with some of the community members, since conversations are more private and personal. 

Content Library

The community has different flairs to tag your posts according to the writing prompt you are creating or responding to. A Reddit writing prompts community it's perfect for writers because it helps you to practice your abilities and use your creativity and imagination. If you wish, you can filter posts by flair to find content, or the perfect prompt to start writing. These are the different flairs available in WritingPrompts:

  • Writing Prompt
  • Simple Prompt
  • Established Universe
  • Constrained Writing
  • Theme Thursday
  • Media Prompt
  • Image Prompt
  • Reality Fiction
  • Prompt Me
  • Prompt Inspired
  • Off-Topic

All these flairs help keep the content organized and interesting. You can find more information about what every flair means on the "How to tag prompts" guide.


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