How to Send Big Files Without Nitro

Follow these steps to send big files without Nitro.

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Discord’s free plan only allows you to send files up to 8 MB. If you wish to upload larger files recurrently, Discord recommends you subscribe to a paid plan. However, there is a workaround to this for you to send big files without Nitro. We’ll cover two tried-and-true methods to do this in the following step-by-step tutorial!

How to Send Files Bigger Than 8MB on Discord Without Nitro?

If you’ve tried to send larger files on Discord, you probably are too familiar with the app’s pop-up that warns ‘Your files are too powerful!‘.

how to send big files without nitro

But don’t worry. You don’t need to buy a Nitro subscription: here we’re going to cover how to send big files without Nitro with two different methods.

Method 1: Compress Your File

The first method simply consists of compressing your file for it to be less than 8 MB. There are many file compressors out there, both online and in the form of programs you download to your PC.

For this, we’re going to use a website called FreeConvert, which is a free online compressor. However, feel free to use whatever file compressor you like.

The first step is to enter the website and select the tool according to the type of file you want to compress. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re going to compress a video.

method 1 compress your files

Next, upload your file. You can upload the file directly from your computer or use another method, such as uploading it from Dropbox, Google Drive, or URL.

(Keep in mind you can only compress files up to 1 GB with this particular file compressor.)

video compressor

Then, you’ll see your file’s name, alongside its size. Click on the gear icon to show the advanced options: here is where we’re going to specify the size we want our files to be.

how to compress files to send to discord

Since we’re trying to compress the file to a specific size, we’re going to choose ‘Target a file size (MB)‘ in the ‘Compression Method‘ drop-down list. Then, in ‘Target size (MB)‘, type 8. This will allow us to get a file we can send through Discord, without compromising more quality than we need.

compress video settings

Then, click on ‘Apply Settings‘ and later on ‘Compress Now!‘ to compress your file. Once the process is completed, you’ll be able to download your file and upload it to Discord:

How do I send a video bigger than 8MB on Discord?

Method 2: Create a Shareable URL

The next method is great if you don’t want to compromise the file’s quality. This method involves uploading your file to another platform and then sharing it via Discord through a link. You can even embed links in Discord to make it more aesthetically pleasing!

There are many tools we can use for this, and it will depend on the file you’re trying to send through Discord.

For Multimedia Files

If you are trying to send multimedia files, such as videos, the best choice would be Imgur or YouTube. You can upload your file to either platform and then share the link via Discord. For this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate the method with Imgur.

First, enter Imgur’s website and click on ‘Choose Photo/Video‘. You can also upload your file through an URL.

Note: If your video is longer than 60 seconds, you won’t be able to upload it to Imgur, and in this case your best bet is YouTube.

how to send big files without nitro

Once the video finishes uploading, you’ll see a ‘Grab Link‘ grey button on the right side. Click on it and then on ‘Copy Link‘ to get your file’s link.

method 2 create a shareable link

Now the only step left is to paste the Imgur link on Discord.

For Other Types of Files

If you’re not trying to send multimedia files, the best bet would be to use a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. We’re going to use Google Drive.

Once signed in to Google Drive, click on ‘New‘ > ‘File Upload‘.

create a shareable discord link with google drive

Once your file finished uploading to Google Drive, right-click on it and select ‘Get Link‘.

get google drive link

Then, a pop-up window will appear. Here, you need to change ‘General Access‘ permissions from ‘Restricted‘ to ‘Anyone with the link‘. This will ensure anyone who has the link you’re going to send through Discord has access to the file.

share your link to discord

And that’s it! Now you can share your files through Discord by sending the respective links.

How to send files bigger than 8MB on Discord without nitro?
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