TRN is a global community for recruitment leaders with over 7,000 members from all over the world. It offers training, educational content, coaching, and online groups.

There are no requirements to join the community, and you can register for free and start to leverage the benefits it brings.

Free members have access to TRN World Guild. This is a peer-to-peer online communication app that allows you to connect with other TRN members. This online group is awesome to ask questions and get quick answers from other recruitment professionals. Additionally, you can contribute to the community by sharing your own knowledge and insights with others.

On the other hand, as a free member, you have limited access to the content hub and the toolkit. These are content libraries with hundreds of articles, guidelines, videos, tools, and templates that help you run your business efficiently and smoothly.

Moreover, events are another way the community nurtures its members. When you join TRN, you will have limited access to online summits, roundtables, webinars, and online training. TRN's learning events are super valuable for recruiters, and they often include industry experts that leverage their years of expertise to teach members relevant insights and strategies.

Paid members enjoy all free members' benefits and some more. For example, paid members can access a private WhatsApp group, live coaching sessions, CEO peer groups, summer retreats, and exclusive roundtables. There are two paid membership tiers at TRN:

  • TRN Plus: £249/month.
  • TRN Club: £499/month.

You can learn about all benefits for each membership option on TRN's membership page.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders:

    James Osborne and Gordon Stoddart

  • Amount of members: 7,100
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a global community of recruiters:
TRN has thousands of members from all over the world. Whether you become a free or a paid member, you will be able to access a network of like-minded peers working in the same industry, with whom to exchange ideas, insights, and strategies.

Participate in learning and networking events:
Members of TRN can participate in a variety of events to supercharge their careers. For example, there are several roundtables, webinars, workshops, summits, and even retreats to participate, network, and learn.

Learn with world-class educational content:
When you become a TRN member, you can access a content hub, online training, and a toolkit. You will find articles, guidelines, videos, tools, and templates -everything you need to run your business smoothly and effectively.


No requirements.



TRN Plus members can access live group roadmapping sessions. Business roadmapping at TRN is a personalized and interactive framework that will help you achieve success.

Paid members can also access "Key Success Factor Roundtables". These are weekly, theme-led group roundtables that focus on generating actionable solutions for different business problems. There are other live coaching sessions that paid members can access, along with the quarterly business review, to revisit your roadmap and make adjustments to achieve success faster.

On the other hand, members of TRN Club can access the CEO Peer group (bi-monthly), the new year huddle (an annual gathering in London), and the summer retreat (2-day event). There are also one-hour team development sessions available for members of the TRN Club.

Learning Events

Members of TRN can participate in regular roundtables, webinars, and other events on relevant topics for recruiters. You can have direct access to industry experts to ask questions and request advice. On the other hand, paid members can access strategic advisors and Help Desks (experts who provide professional advice).  Moreover, TRN Online Summits are quarterly online events that equip members with unique content from thought leaders and experts.

Networking Events

Every TRN member can access TRN World Guild. This is a peer-to-peer online communication app that allows you to connect with other TRN members. On the other hand, members of the TRN Club have access to a WhatsApp group, where they can directly communicate with peers. These online groups are great to ask questions, requesting advice, and sharing your knowledge with others.

Content Library

As a free TRN member, you can access a huge content hub, that includes hundreds of articles, guidelines, and videos. You will find all the information you and your team need to know to make better recruitment decisions. Additionally, there is online training available, along with a toolkit that provides you with tools and templates to run your business more efficiently. Paid members, besides having unlimited access to the mentioned resources, can also access content from past events, like talks from special guests.


"We tried for over a year to ignore the advances of The Recruitment Network because of previous experiences of networking groups, but 1 hour spent with TRN not only challenged me in a way I really enjoyed, but completely convinced me of TRN's value, and why I needed to be a part of it. I have had the opportunity to access a network of amazingly talented people daily, which has been invaluable when making all of the big decisions in our business. There is quite simply nothing these guys won't do to help and support my business. Their passion for driving excellence in recruitment is something I am very much aligned to, I am very proud to call myself a TRN member." -Lloyd Stokes

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