5 Reasons Why People Join Online Communities

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Why should you join online communities? Firstly, bringing individuals together on a regular basis can surely impact several aspects of personal and work life. While some people participate in communities to find peer support, others discover new opportunities to network with experts and make valuable connections.

On the other hand, some members can’t even imagine everyday life without the support of their communities. With accountability spaces and channels to share your progress, these groups stay motivated to accomplish their most challenging goals together.

Consequently, we asked ourselves:

Why people are so excited about communities nowadays? What makes us love the communities we are part of?

Although the reasons might vary according to the essence of the group you are in (it’s not the same to be part of a business or a climate change community, right?) some commonalities are crossing all kinds of communities. And we did our research to discover what makes communities so interesting:

Communities are a regular source of inspiration 

As members meet and share regularly, the group leverage these spaces to find support, feedback, and challenge one another. 

Certainly, we all face roadblocks while building our ideas, finding new clients, or implementing a new feature. That’s one of the reasons why entrepreneurs and business owners are participating in business communities that fuel creativity with fresh ideas.

Have you ever felt stuck in some part of your building process?

These communities are great places to discover what other creators are working on. Moreover, you can explore the tools they are using to transform their most daring ideas into reality:

  • Ungated Collective: a community for creative entrepreneurs who seek to build a long-term business. They are focused on helping you cultivate a solid audience with true fans. Moreover, the community facilitates channels where creators can help each other out in the journey. But members also gain access to templates, projects, and the founder’s thinking process notes.
  • The Maker School: a great place for nocode makers. You can join the Discord community for free. Members access a #share channel to showcase the projects they’re working on and the tools used in the process. It’s an amazing group to learn from the experience of others and to find inspiration to build confidently. Besides, if you want to go deeper, they offer training to help you master the industry trending tools.
  • Indie Worldwide: you can connect with makers from all over the world to receive feedback and support. In addition, they have a club where you can weekly match with other founders to explore new co-founding opportunities.

Joining online communities can connect you with like-minded professionals:

Communities are great places to meet colleagues from all over the world and to build a network that supports your career development. And as we imagine, valuable connections are essential to finding unique opportunities and keeping your spirit high and motivated.

Building new friendships is a powerful fuel to energize your creativity.

Inside the vast world of communities, there are unique places where you can find exclusive opportunities to meet like-minded people. Besides, sharing resources and job opportunities becomes easier.

from Profesionales de la comunicación LATAM:

“A beautiful community that was born as a small space between friends, which now connects professionals and colleagues from all over LATAM.” 

Professionals from all industries are looking for niche communities to find those valuable connections that can boost their careers. If you are searching for a place to network with professionals in your industry, check these groups out. You might find a collaborator or co-founder for your next project! 

  • High Signal: this community admits founders earning at least $500 in monthly revenue, and it’s a great place to meet professionals who are on the same page. Members meet in weekly live calls to discuss their progress, share their challenges, and ask for feedback. The group is focused on building meaningful relationships among founders, providing an encouraging environment to develop your business with the help of a supportive community.
  • Startup Grind: with virtual and in-person events all around the world, they offer the opportunity to connect with founders and entrepreneurs. You can find a lot of events and global conferences to build your professional network without frontiers. In addition, members also interact in the community platform to go deep in weekly conversations with colleagues. 

They can help you reach your goals with less effort

Some online groups have designed systems to help members ideate, launch, and ship their ideas easily. Moreover, channels to build along with peers facilitate the solving-problem processes and help makers improve their products.

But communities are also good for those professionals who seek to keep their goals on track, ensuring a support group where you can find accountability and relationship.

No matter if you’re a professional offering a service or a founder working on a startup, there are a lot of groups to support your journey and help you automate your work:

  • Makerlog: as being a creator can be lonely, this community aims to support tech people in the process of building and launching their projects. It’s a space where you can create backed up by the support of fellow makers. With productivity tools and feedback exchange, the community ensures an environment where you can build your next big idea. 
  • Cudacu: a Spanish-speaking group for entrepreneurs where you can learn and put hands-on work with the support of an inspiring community. Besides the training and the masterclasses they offer, members stay in touch in virtual channels, where they help each other to stay accountable and overcome any obstacle that may arise on the way.
  • Coworking Online: coworking communities are excellent places to recharge energies to keep tasks on track. Remote workers from all over the world are joining coworking online to overcome isolation and share their weekly progress with the group. You can take advantage of the accountability channels to share your concerns and ideate solutions with supportive peers.

Communities empower minorities: 

Building support networks in an inclusive space can be a powerful source of new opportunities, even if you’re struggling to succeed in a rude industry. We can find strong communities that connect emerging talents with companies and experts who share the same equity values, facilitating unique personal and professional opportunities. Most of these groups target women working in tech, marketing, investing, and running their own businesses. 

Online communities to join for women founders and makers in the middle of the building process:

  • Indie Women: created to support female indie hackers, the community is a network full of talented professionals helping each other out. 
  • Women Make: is a community designed to empower women and help them create, launch and scale their projects. Woman Make’s members help each other out, give feedback and share progress in the group.

What makes member loves this community?

“It is the first ever community where you feel connected and belong without being in physical proximity. Women Make is the best spot in the Internet to meet likeminded founders and turn ideas into wonderful products!” -Natalie Fox, Women Make’s Wall of Love.

Communities for women in tech:

  • Tech Ladies: a free community with 100K+ members from all over the world. You can participate in an online group to discover job opportunities and training
  • Elpha: a network to build your career surrounded by inspiring professional women. Discover networking opportunities and join in AMAs and workshops to unlock your full potential.

Online communities can keep you healthy and happy

In a world full of stressful situations involved in everyday work, we need safe places to take care of ourselves. And there are groups where we can go to cultivate habits where well-being and productivity cultivate each other.

Communities are great for those who want a private environment to open confidently and explore new possibilities.

If you’re looking to balance productivity with a healthy lifestyle, these communities can help in the process:

  • Founders First: their mission is to help founders build a sustainable career following healthier habits. They meet in events, forums, and workshops to focus on goals without losing their minds in the process.
  • Ness Labs: it’s a community of curious minds seeking to improve productivity without sacrificing mental health. As a member, you can learn along with other knowledge workers, entrepreneurs, content creators, researchers, indie makers, designers, and writers.

We listed just some of the reasons why we love online groups, but there are a lot of niches and dynamics to discover.

Looking for the perfect online community to join? Feel free to explore our full list of communities and discover the spaces you belong to.

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